BMW x40i / Toyota Supra B58 Downpipe

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BMW x40i / Toyota Supra B58 Downpipe

114mm (4,5inch) Downpipe without catalyst or particulate filter for the following models with 3.0 B58 engines:

  • BMW 3-Serie G20 M340i 374hp - 2020->
  • BMW 3-Serie G21 M340i 374hp - 2020->
  • BMW 5-Serie G30 540i 340hp - 2018->
  • BMW 5-Serie G31 540i 340hp - 2018->
  • BMW 6-Serie G32 640i 340hp - 2018->
  • BMW 8-Serie G14 840i 340hp - 2019->
  • BMW 8-Serie G15 840i 340hp - 2019->
  • BMW 8-Serie G16 840i 340hp - 2019->
  • BMW Z4 G29 M40i 340hp - 2019->
  • Toyota Supra MK5 A90 GR 3.0 340hp - 2019->
  • Toyota Supra MK5 A91 GR 3.0 382hp - 2021->

Replaces OEM nr:

  • 18329897313

Available in 2 versions, type 1 is suited for versions without GPF / OPF, type 2 is suited for versions with GPF / OPF.

By installing a larger bore downpipe backpressure in the exhaust drops which makes the turbo rev easier which means the turbo starts building pressure at lower RPM's. If during shifting the pressure drops it also builds back pressure faster. 

By only installing a larger diameter downpipe the horsepower usually rises between 15 and 20hp and torque also goes up by 25 to 30Nm. Combining a downpipe with chiptuning brings even more extra power.

A software update (chiptuning) would be advised.

This product is not intended for use on the open road.

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Auto Merk BMW, Toyota
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Jahre 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
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