RVS uitlaatbocht – 45 graden

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RVS uitlaatbocht – 45 graden

Universal stainless steel elbow for exhaust systems

elbow made of stainless steel for exhaust system construction

Our universal stainless steel elbows are perfectly suited for construction or repair of exhaust systems or Air Charge Piping or similar applications. The elbows are made of stainless steel raw material and Mandrel bent in morn machines to prevent the curve from folding. So it's assured that the elbow has the same Inner diameter everywhere.

All elbows are not dilated or slashed at the end. You can use the Bow's full length and have no connection edges like with stretched pipes.

Curving/ Angle: 45°
Wall Thickness: 1,5mm
Full Length: 22cm +/- 1cm
Radius: 75mm
Ends: not dilated

The elbows may have scratches due to stocking. This is not relevant for exhaust system construction. We don't offer Show-and-Shine pipes or Construction pipes for other uses. The 40mm ones are really 42mm elbows, which were pressed at the ends (at app. 5cm length) to 40 mm.

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